Gagarthi gang members

Originating in Orlanth-worshipping clans, but no longer true followers: the Gagarthi.


Here is a Reaper Boar Broo, that looks particularly cool.

Dragon Snail

 A two headed dragon snail, sculpted to go well with the Ral Partha model.  Making of is here


An HeroQuest miniature from Lance and Laser.

Lunar Soldiers and chief

I have spent a lot of time sculpting lately, here are a few Lunar soldiers I painted up in beween sculpting sessions. Right one is Lance & Laser, the two other are from Ral Partha.


Miniatures from Citadel, eagle head from a Rall Partha Griffin, Cow head from a cheap plastic toy


Miniatures from Citadel.


Miniatures from Fenryll.


A big bird, one of the main defenders of Griffin Mountain.  Ral Partha I think.


Halloween à la Glorantha: the Jack-o-Bear.  Notice the shrooms in the back!  Pumpkin and champignons!


This is the Headhanger.  It collects heads which it puts on a spike on his back to gain access to the victims manna and spells.  One of my favourite 'surprises'.


This Fachan is from the Ral Partha range (I hope) and the quality isn't the best.  On top of that, my primer is a bit coarse, and it shows in the final finish. Still, he's a weird fellow, so let's pretend it's all normal.

Scorpion Man Hero

This Scorpion man is a modification of a Scorpion Beast, which I purchased from a guy in the UK through e-bay, and a torso of a Naked Fanatic, manufacturer unknown, that was still lying around in my bit box. It's quite a big scorpion man, so I use him as a hero. Some bits from GW in there too.